Families, Schools and Workplaces

Neurodiverse support and education, no matter who you are!


Families, Schools and Workplaces

Neurodiverse support and education

Our Support Services

Families & Children

I work to bring families with neurodiverse members back to a place of Family Joy.

Helping your child find confidence and joy in their own abilities or supporting them in new or difficult life situations.

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Companies & Adults

Supporting neurodiverse adults in the workplace to maximise their own leadership potential.
This is now offered under the Patricia Falcetta brand.
Providing professional development training for workplaces to better understand and support neurodiverse staff.

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From Neurodiversity to Neuro-Ability

I dream of a more inclusive world that caters for and adapts to neurodivergent minds and their sensory challenges. No more diagnoses, just an integrated, open society that values diversity and inclusion.

At Social Living Solutions I create partnerships and opportunities for neurodiverse people and their support networks. I help them to gain skills, knowledge and resources to maximise their own potential.

By supporting neurodiverse individuals in all aspects of their lives, including schools, homes and workplaces we take a step towards the world I dream of.  Social Living Solutions strives to:

Provide a safe and supportive environment for neurodiverse people to discover their superpowers and grow in confidence
Manifest the uniqueness and creativity of the individual

Work with and towards empathy, collaboration and inclusion in our diverse society

“I actually feel like I want to do something with my life, I want to be productive. I know exactly what I’d like to do and how to do it. I just know what direction to take.

The help from Patricia, and from my mum, and from my sister and my family just helped me learn how to socialise, how to be a normal person, how to be involved in the community.”


16-year-old client

Neurodiverse support and education, whoever you are

Supporting Neurodiverse People To Reach Their Full Potential in the Most Inclusive Society Possible

I know how difficult the world can be when you diverge even a little from the norm. Especially if you think outside the norm.

However, it is thinking differently that creates change, helps us learn new perspectives and finds solutions that are outside the norm.

I provide support and education for and about those who experience traits often attributed to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), Autism, dyslexia and other associated neurodiversities whether with or without a diagnosis.

My journey learning about neurodiversity because I have two neurodiverse children myself, so I know the heartache, the anxiety and the concern for their future that can impact neurodiverse families and communities.

Working as an advocate, coach and educator I can:

  • Help your child find confidence and joy in their own abilities
  • Support your child in difficult transitions, with life choices, or new situations
  • Provide Professional Development training for teachers about latest understandings and breakthroughs regarding neurodiversity in students
  • Educate your workplace managers about the benefits of, and best ways to go about, working with neurodiverse team members
  • Coach you in the workplace to best progress your own career into management by harnessing your neurodiverse strengths
  • Help you gain a greater understanding of your own diagnosis or traits at any age

I help families experience new balance, happiness and joy in their day-to-day lives

I created Social Living Solutions to fill the service provision gap by providing a customised support service or coaching, that can be there with you and your children to achieve your unique goals.

It was a service I needed, that didn’t exist yet. Now it has expanded to provide training to schools and workplaces furthering my mission to reduce prejudice and increase understanding of neurodiversity.


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