Family Joy Program

A Program for Neurodiverse Families

The program typically takes 10 weeks of guided support.

(In Australia, if NDIS funded falls into the Capacity Building Category – Improved Daily Activity of NDIS funding.)

Family Joy Group Program

  • Limited to 7 households (per 10-week session)
  • $2500 AUD (per household) for full payment.
  • $2800 AUD for payment plan (per household)
  • For payment plan: ($500 AUD as deposit and 4 fortnightly payments of $575 AUD)

Family Joy Program
for Individual Families

  • Limited to 7 households (per 10-week session)
  • $3500 AUD (per household) for full payment
  • $3800 AUD (per household) for a payment plan
  • For payment plan: ($500 AUD as deposit and 4 fortnightly payments of $750 AUD)

Goals for your Family

  • To have better peace, joy, and balance
    with your household’s daily life.
  • For you, the parents, to feel less overwhelmed
    by your children’s individual challenges.
  • For your children to be able to live more
    harmoniously together with a better
    understanding of each other’s needs and more
    tolerance of one another.
  • For your children to feel more comfortable
    within your family dynamic.
  • For your whole family to have better interactions with one another and to be able to better communicate your needs to one another without becoming impatient or aggressive.
  • More mutual respect, less yelling on all parts!
  • We examine respite, rest and rejuvination
    for you, the parents, both individually and
    as a couple.
  • A copy of Joanne Rutter Holbrook’s Book: Your Passport To Parenting: Wisdom from Around the World to Help Build Happy Families (Value: $60 Including postage).
  • 3 x 1.5 hr private sessions with Patricia Falcetta to discuss any concerns or
    questions you want to cover.
  • A library of additional resources on Neurodiversity.

Program Details

Commencing on: Tuesday, 19th of July 2022

10:00am – 11:30am AEST (for both Australian and International audiences)
8:00pm – 9:30pm AEST (for both Australian and International audiences)

*For International Audiences, Check your timezone here.


Proposed Program

    • Support you to identify what you want to change within your family dynamics.
    • Assist you to identify the obstacles you are currently experiencing and how to overcome them.
    • Help you establish your very own family motto and long-term vision for the family. Together, we create a family vision board for your family to work towards betterment.
  • Help you balance happiness, peace, and ultimately joy in your day-to-day lives. We will look at (S.H.A.R.E) Spirituality, Happiness, Accounts, Relationships, and Exercise.
  • Support you in regards to parenting style.
  • Examine and support your parenting to engender a more peaceful household.
  • Closely examine all routines within your family unit and identity where changes need to be made.
    – Examine your parenting routines around these factors and identify where you need support
    – Explain the deposits and withdrawals concept to be able to help your children with emotional regulation and pacing of selves.
  • Examine your family behaviours and see where we can make changes.
  • Examine your family trust and support – trust of siblings of one another. Look at established patterns of behaviour and how we can change these.
  • Look at the language that is being used within your home between all parties. Siblings, parents, and extended family.
  • Provide support around the concept of a growth mindset and how to bring this into your household.

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