Helpful Links

  • MARYMEAD  Marymead Autism Centre celebrates diversity, promotes awareness and inclusion, and supports people on the autism spectrum and their families.
  • Capital Psychology Clinic Capital Psychology have a wonderful team specialisng in ASD, ADHD, ADD, where they run a range of family focussed services in Canberra.
  • Sage Psychology  Matt Hynes is a psychologist who has been working with children and families in the Canberra area for over 15 years. Matt is excellent with children his gentle reassuring approach makes children feel safe and in turn respond well to his approach and philosophy.  Matt uses attachment psychology, a therapy dog and nature mentoring techniques. Matt’s therapy dog –  “brown dog”  is a gentle giant and just seems to pick up on what the child needs in terms of comfort. “Brown dog” does not have to be present in sessions if there is any level of discomfort with dogs.


  • Daisy & Bird Lyndsey Longman is a Canberra mum with a passion for environmentally-friendly, organic products. Through Daisy & Bird, she creates reusable cloth pads (for menstruation and breastfeeding) made from naturally anti-bacterial, chemical free and highly absorbent bamboo fabric.  To learn more, visit  Daisy & Bird
  • Amy Iacullo is the mother of Romeo who has autism. Amy has started a blog A.typical Mum to help other mothers with special needs children realise that they are not alone. Her blog is honest and real and that is what I most like about it.The link to Amy’s blog is: