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I’m Patricia Falcetta, The Family Joy Expert.
I help families with neurodiverse children, ( those with Autism, ADHD and associated conditions), transform from daily stress into joy and a sense of relief.

The Family Joy Guide is aimed at helping your family take the first step toward the ultimate goal of joy, happiness and better family balance.

  • Create the right family alignment
  • Find  better family balance
  • Experience relief and joy in your family unit

I developed this guide through extensive  personal and professional experience in this field. I have experienced success with my 2 neurodiverse children, whom are now thriving with the principles of this model within my own family.

Chief Minister’s Awards

Excellence in Support Work Finalist for the 2019 ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards.

2019 Business Awards

I am proud to be nominated and a finalist in 2 notable business awards for 2019.


Women Economic Forum Award

Winner of the Women Economic Forum ‘Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All’ Award 2020.

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Do you ever feel

Worried about the future

You’re worried about your child’s future, constantly looking for special therapies, often resulting in overwhelm and stress.

Impacted by Anxiety

You have to focus on managing your child’s anxiety, needing to adapt your whole lifestyle and the day-to-day life of your family.

Your child can't make friends

You see your child is not able to make friends, doesn’t fit in socially and you just want them
to experience happiness and to be at peace.

Patricia has been working with my son who has inattentive ADD and dyslexia.
Patricia initially worked with him to help him transition from primary school to high school. She has also helped him to gain confidence and self esteem.

Our purpose is to get you


Feel relieved as your child has the confidence
to manage life and negotiate difficult,
unpredictable environments such as school.


You will be filled with joy as your child is able
to better cope with normal day-to-day
activities and build new friendships.


You and your child will feel happier when they are able to make better sense of the world around them with confidence.

Patricia has provided our family with many resources and much information. She has provided me with many ideas and different approaches to help my son until we found what best works for him. She is flexible and encouraging and willing to try different approaches until finding the approach that best suits your family and your child.

I’m Patricia Falcetta, The Family Joy Expert

I help families experience new balance,
happiness and joy in their day-to-day lives.

I help children and their families move away from the stress, overwhelming anxiety and worry, so that they can experience relief, happiness, better family balance; and joy.

I achieve this by using my 9 step Family Joy Model.  All my programs and support are based on this model.  I work with both the family and the child.  I take a holistic approach whereby I look at the family as a whole rather than the child as an individual that needs to be “fixed.”

With an abundance of personal and professional experience working with children with a range of special needs, I understand the frustrations parents, families and the individual with challenges face every day: dealing with the school system, supporting learning, helping them cope with change, encouraging friendships, dealing with bullies, and all the while trying to build confidence and self-efficacy.

Start your Journey with The Family Joy Guide

This Guide will help your family get to the ultimate goal of joy, happiness and better family balance no matter what your family circumstances. It provides you with the roadmap for your family to grow in happiness and feel a real sense of relief as it takes you on your journey to ultimate and long term family joy.