Manager Professional Development 

Highly interactive professional development workshops and trainings providing managers with leadership skills and strategies for bringing out the best in their neurodiverse team.

Leadership Workshop 1
‘Leading on the Spectrum’

A managers field guide – professional development for managers of neurodiverse teams

Defining and understanding neurodiversity in the workplace

No longer constrained to support for team members diagnosed with the more obvious Autism traits, neurodiversity is now understood to include so much more. Our course seeks to provide participants with a greater understanding of the most common forms of neurodiversity, including Autism, and signs that may be exhibited in the workplace.


Insights, strategies and supports managers can use to make the most of the often unique and diverse skills of their neurodiverse team members

Just as neurodiversity covers a wide range of diagnosis and traits, so too is there a wide range of strategies and supports that can assist in the workplace. Our training covers a range of insights, strategies and supports that have worked for others and may provide a strong starting point in your workplace.

Creating and sustaining a high performing team culture that embraces all forms of diversity and difference

Many shifts in team culture that assist neurodiverse team members will support all staff members at the same time. Our training will include suggested team activities to help build a culture of inclusion for all, with a focus on shared experience and known boundaries.

Australian Public Service (APS) Professional Manager Development – Diversity

The ‘Leading on the Spectrum’ workshop has been created to directly align with the APS diversity & inclusion commitment under the Australian Public Service Commission reform agenda:

APS aims to increase diversity ‘so the APS itself reflects and understands the people and communities it serves, recruiting more people from outside the APS and welcoming different views and perspectives’.

Whilst designed for APS and EL staff with responsibility for a team, Leading on the Spectrum, can be provided to any group of any level who could benefit from training on the topic of neurodiversity in the context of the workplace.


This manager professional development training is presented by Social Living Solutions in conjunction with Jodie Stephenson.


Jodie Stephenson

Jodie has worked in both private and public enterprises for over 25 years. She is an experienced leadership and business improvement professional with a passion for advocating behaviour drives performance. Her work with individuals and teams leads to business improvement and higher quality outcomes.

Jodie has a track record for delivering results in complex international and domestic environments. Her broad cross sectorial experience enables her to see issues through many lenses. Her work supports private and government sector organisations to provide clarity and purpose for their people and create environments for high performing teams.

Jodie is a certified Executive Coach (IECL); accredited Facilitator and Consultant (DISC); accredited Quality Assurance Lead Auditor (QAS). She holds a Bachelor of Business from Monash University; a Graduate Certificate (Management) and completed Modern Diplomacy through the Australian National University and participated in the Executive Level National Security development programme through the Australian National Security College (ANU).


Book Leading on the Spectrum

Facilitated through guided conversations and peer learning, Leading on the Spectrum, is offered to a maximum of ten participants per group.

Patricia has brought to us as a new chapter and to me personally so much knowledge and value regarding Autism, especially that Autism still has a lot of misconceptions in the region.

Moreover, she is very helpful, flexible and very organized, she was able to deliver the workshop with simplicity and passion. She supported her workshop with useful informatics and insights.

Basically one of the smoothest and informative workshops conducted through our chapter, and honestly would love to work with her in more depth regarding business on the “autistic spectrum”.

Soha El Baklawy

Upcoming Conferences

Patricia is an international speaker and is regularly invited to speak at conferences in Australia and around the world.

Please contact us to arrange for Patricia to speak at one of your events or join us at one of the following:


Canberra, Australia

May 4, 2023

Leadership Workshop 2
‘Making Sense of the Landscape’

A leadership development program for neurodiverse individuals

This small group program creates a supportive peer learning environment exploring workplace challenges through a neurodiverse lens. It aims to increase the leadership capabilities of neurodiverse individuals through practical insights, tools and strategies.

Relationships in the workplace

With a focus on tools and communication strategies for effective communication with peers, we also look at how to create partnerships and networks within the workplace.

Understanding and using natural strengths to collaborate

Neurodiversity within the workplace brings different strengths. Recognising your own strengths allows you to focus on what you do best, and how it enhances the workplace.

Strategies to minimise stressors and sustain pace

Working in our supportive group, we will discuss points of stress and tension in the work environment and how best to address these for a healthy workplace.

Course details

This 6 month small group coaching includes 6 x 2.5 hour zoom group sessions, access to experienced and approved NDIS facilitators before, during and after the program, plus resources to keep for reference.

At $2895 +GST per person, it can be redeemed through NDIS if eligible.

Contact me for upcoming dates here.


Book Making Sense of the Landscape

Coaching for neurodiverse team members in the workplace so that they have a sense of euquilibrium and are not constantly operating under high levels of anxiety. This will ensure that the individual can contribute their best selves to the working environment.

Excellent, very much needed (capability, awareness, tools) in the workforce and workplace. Flexible delivery was helpful. So many takeaways, ideas and options for me to be explored

Executive Level Participant | Commonwealth Public Service | December 2020