Patricia Falcetta

Autism and Neurodiversity Expert

My vision is for a world where people with Autism and other diversity are accepted, integrated and recognised as valuable members of society. It begins with education to reduce ignorance, or in some cases, even fear. As a neurodiversity and Autism key note speaker I share my expertise and vision with your audience as a step towards that future.

The following key note presentations can be tailored to suit the needs of your audience or event. Please contact me if you would like to discuss tailoring options.

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As I broaden my advocacy role, I am now promoting my keynote speaking as a distinct venture.
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Autism the World Over

Living in progressive cultures, it is easy to think we are making great strides as a civilisation towards becoming an accessible, neurodivergent-friendly society. Unfortunately, this is not the case worldwide.

In this eye-opening presentation Patricia spotlights some neurodivergent communities we need to bring with us as we move towards true neurodivergent inclusion. Learn about:

  • The many cultures in which shame and fear around Autism and neurodiversity still prevail, and
  • The experiences of neurodivergent individuals in these cultures who become victims of horrific human rights violations and discriminations
  • The role we can all play towards awareness then change, one conversation at a time

Rethink Autism

As presented at ICAN 2023

Psychological safety allows for inclusion, which creates diversity and facilitates performance. So, when we rethink Autism and other neurodivergent diagnoses through a ‘different not less’ lens, everyone wins.

Rich with examples from her own lived experience and that of the clients she has assisted, you will learn about:

  • Language of neurodiversity
  • Impacts of unconscious bias, including shame, stress, and unrealistic expectations
  • Importance of psychological safety and how to provide it for neurodivergent individuals

Mindset Shifts

Why neurodiversity within a team improves outcomes and productivity for businesses

Mindset shifts is an introductory ‘Lunch and Learn’ style one-hour presentation designed to start a conversation in your organisation. It can be run as a precursor to training or as a stand alone presentation. Includes an opportunity for questions.

Topics covered include:

  • What is neurodiversity? How might it present in the workplace?
  • How to support individuals within your team who see the world through a neurodivergent lens

Why neurodiversity within a team improves outcomes and productivity for businesses.

Pyschologically Safe Workplaces

A deeper dive into truly inclusive workplaces

Psychologically safe workplaces help you identify what a psychologically safe workplace looks like for a neurodivergent team member, and how you can lead a neurodiverse team with excellent results. Topics covered include:

  • The new ISO 45003: guidance on the management of psychosocial risks, and how that relates to neurodivergence in the workplace
  • The impact of social norms within traditional workplaces and why these need to change

Simple ways to lead your team towards cultural change by setting the right leadership tone and reducing points of friction

A team of adults stack hands in a symbol of team work

Previous Conference Presentations

Bangalore, July 2020

Women’s Economic Forum

Egypt, April 2021

Start Up Grind – ‘Business Directed and Led on the Autism Spectrum’


Canberra Chapter Meeting, 2019

Women With Altitude

Business Directed and Led on the Autism Spectrum

Patricia has brought to us as a chapter and to me more personally so much knowledge and value regarding Autism, especially that Autism still has a lot of misconceptions in the region. Moreover, she is very helpful, flexible and very organised, she was able to deliver the workshop with simplify and passion. She supported her workshop with useful informatics and insights. Basically one of the smoothest and informative workshops conducted though our chapter, and honestly would love to work with her in more depth regarding ‘business on the autistic spectrum’

Soha El Baklawry, 2021

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