After running our Recharge Family Joy Masterclass the feedback from clients is that the problems being faced by families right now are:

  • Overwhelm
  • Despondency
  • Stress
  • Lack of Connection
  • Disappointment
  • Feeling separated – as if they are living segregated lives in the one household

Patricia Falcetta from Social Living Solutions has teamed up with Wendy Marman from Equipped For Success to bring you a 5 week Family Joy Foundations Program which will take you out of the brain fog, the overwhelm, despondency and stress fatigue that all families are currently feeling to a pathway towards healthier growth and connection within your family unit no matter what your make up.

5 week Family Joy Foundations Program:

Week 1:

Understanding the individuals and the different personalities in your family:

We introduce the concept and explanation of DISC profiling and walk you through this to better understand each and every family member and why there are clashes within the household.

Week 2:

Looking at the family unit as a whole.

After week 1 we now understand the individuals and the possible triggers for clashes between the different persons within the household. Together we examine the dynamics of your unique family unit and how we can come together through using Wendy Marman’s Stand Tall Stand Together program resource.

Week 3:

Building Trust, Respect and Rapport

Patricia will walk you through how to build real trust, rapport and respect through connection, with her 10 year’s experience of working with; families and teachings from her signature family Joy Program.

Week 4:

Growing family Joy.

Patricia will take you through the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) assessment process. Patricia is an accredited MSCEIT practitioner. MSCEIT is a scientifically validated assessment tool for measuring & enhancing emotional intelligence. It is a globally recognised accreditation in Emotional Intelligence Assessment. After this session you will have a better understanding of everyone’s emotional intelligence within the household. You will know where each family members strength’s lie and what their weaknesses are. In conjunction with your new understanding sf DISC we will support you to understanding each family member better, (including yourself), and in turn support each family member better and again including yourself.

Week 5:

Balance and Measure: -Mapping and balancing.

Patricia and Wendy will lead you through creating your own Family Joy Map through creating a vision board with your family’s long term vision and your own unique family motto as well as identifying your values . We will focus in this final week on the qualities and values of your unique family and it’s individuals and how you all come together.

Meet Your Instructors



Patricia’s vision is for a world where people with Autism, ADHD and other neurodiversity are accepted, integrated, and recognised as valued members of society.  She works with individuals, schools, and workplaces to remove prejudices and misconceptions around neurodiversity and replace ignorance with compassionate understanding.

Patricia created Social Living Solutions to fill the service provision gap by providing a custom support service or coaching, that can be there with you or your children to achieve your unique goals. It was a service I needed, that didn’t exist yet. Now it has expanded to provide training to schools and workplaces furthering my mission to reduce prejudice and increase understanding of neurodiversity.

Through her  work with families she has also created a wholistic Family Joy Program to support families who are struggling with to relieve stress and anxiety, and create happiness, better family balance, and joy.

You can find Patricia as co-host of the Nurturing Neurodiversity Podcast and she is currently writing a book to be published in 2022.


Wendy Marman

Patrick and Wendy raised their family of 4 children while living and working in different cultures around the world. Wendy has enjoyed a 40+ year international career as a business innovator, change leader, coach, trainer and mentor, working in government, business and not for profits. In all those positions, families, relationships, developing interpersonal skills and a clear success path, have been key.

Since returning to Australia, Wendy has served as Director on the Board of the AIFC, a family-focused Registered Training Organisation and continued in her studies and course delivery, to assist families build stronger relationships in the face of even greater uncertainty and pressure.

In summary, Wendy delivers a clear, practical path, that helps families find hope, discover their purpose and build a new and beautiful future.

What Our Clients Say….

Overall outcomes experienced by clients that 
are expressed in the testimonimals below.

I found the workshop an inviting, friendly and creative space to be a part of. I liked the hands on factor of the workshop and group discussions, sharing of personal goals and experiences.

I was able in one session to map out a basis for my family ‘Joy Star Map’ and start to stand taller, have a clearer vision going forward for my family and to step out and step up. My family and I are grateful for the workshop, it has helped us get a clearer and unified approach going forward


Mother of 2 boys, (1 with Autism) Canberra

I had little belief in myself and most of my time was spent feeling overwhelmed.

I instantly felt Wendy understood what I was going through. 

Wendy has given me the skills to set priorities and accomplish tasks and to set set reasonable boundaries. but most important; to believe in me.

Tanya Jackson


I loved the short simple practical exercises/recommendations, energy accounting worksheet, expressions of gratitude before rising in the morning, daily family debrief. After this course, I  consciously relaxed my expectations (on myself) of short-term progress, in deference to the idea of overestimating what we can achieve in a day or a week. At the same time, I’ve more consciously observed and noted my progress so that I can look back after a little time has passed and see that I have actually made considerable progress.


Father of one from Melbourne

With sign up you will receive:

5 hands on workshops with both facilitators, accessing over 60 years of experience

Wendy Marman’s latest book Ready Set Start valued at $12 RRP for E-copy

Patricia Falcetta’s Resource: Recharge Family Joy valued @ $99 RRP

MSCEIT profiling valued @ $400 per person!!!!!