Social skills package

Would you like your child to feel more confident in social situations?

The ‘Social Skills Series’ is an exciting new package!

The package series includes sessions to improve your Childs social interaction skills, playing, listening, communicating, flexible thinking and much more.

Each session works towards achieving the goals we set together, with a particular focus on:

  • Reflective listening – the keys to being a good listener, not interrupting when others are talking, and appearing interested (even when you are not!).
  • Flexible thinking – why being a flexible thinker is so important for good social interactions, and how to develop useful skills for interacting with peers, teachers, coaches and others at school and in social settings.
  • Tact and understanding – exploring the nuances of this concept in the neurotypical world.
  • Literal thinking – understanding what literal thinking is, examining unhelpful thinking, and working towards being more flexible and aware in how your thinking affects you.
  • Temper/emotion control – in the final session we will work on strategies for temper control, and wrap up everything we’ve discussed in previous sessions.

The goal of the Social Skills Series is to empower your child to walk away with new skills to help them successfully navigate social situations.

The total cost of this package ranges between $975 – $1950 (10%off when paid upfront)  depending on the needs of your child and includes all sessions, ongoing email support, and a detailed report with recommendations moving forward (provided after the last session).

The Process:

Step 1: A free 30 minute confidential & obligation free call to see if we are the right fit.

Step 2: An initial consultation to identify a tailored plan to reach your ideal outcome and the level of support needed for your child. Duration: 1 hour Cost: $195

Step 3: Commitment to an ongoing tailored plan or package outlined in your initial consultation to reach your ideal goal over a set period of time.

Please contact me for a free 30 minute confidential and obligation-free chat to find out more. You can email me or call 0420 973 042.


National Disability Insurance Scheme

If you self-manage your NDIS, you can include my services under the CAPACITY BUILDING category. I will provide you with a bill, which you can then claim back through your NDIS funding package. Social Living Solutions is not registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) so you must self-manage in order to claim.