A few sentiments from lovely clients…


“We used Social Living Solutions to help prepare my son S (now thriving in yr 7 and 13 years old).

About this time last year when he was still in year 6 I really started to worry about how he would manage high school after several years of a really supportive primary school environment and being in essentially the same group of kids since year 2. I knew high schools offer one or two extra transition days to special needs kids but I knew S would need a lot more than that.

I contacted Patricia to see if she would be able to set up a transition program for S and help him successfully transition through to Year 7. We settled on a weekly session one afternoon after school for a bit of Year 6 term 3 and all of term 4, with the sessions to continue through terms 1 and 2 of Year 7 if necessary. I had these discussions around the time of our NDIS plan review so was able to ask for NDIS funds to cover the sessions (we are self managed).

So last year Patricia became a regular visitor to our home, each week bringing resources and examples about timetables and homework deadlines and assignments and how the school day is arranged and what lockers are for and the 1001 ways high school is different from primary school. And *really* listening to S’s questions and concerns. She also offered to come and advocate at any meetings with the school but this did not turn out to be needed in our case.

Patricia was so successful in preparing S for this transition that he actually sailed into high school. I was gobsmacked to say the least. We have had zero issues with staying organised, managing the homework load, coping with moving around the school and all the different teachers and their different expectations, and making new friends. In fact half way through term one of this year he announced to both Patricia and myself that he did not need her help anymore!

As I’ve said Patricia worked well with S and he felt super comfortable with her. She also worked closely with me and provided me with much needed support, with a considered approach. I can not recommend her highly enough. It was because of her thoughtful and insightful work with S that he (and we as a family) had the smoothest transition we have ever had in his whole life. He goes off to the school bus every morning with a big smile on his face.

Patricia saved us so much drama at what is usually a super stressful time in the lives of families like ours.”

Patricia has been working with my son who has inattentive ADD and dyslexia. Patricia initially worked with him to help him transition from primary school to high school. She has also helped him to gain confidence and self esteem.

Patricia has been instrumental in improving my son’s working memory. She has provided supports and ideas to improve his executive functioning. I have noticed positive change in him since working with Patricia.

Patricia has provided our family with many resources and much information. She has provided me with many ideas and different approaches to help my son until we found what best works for him. She is flexible and encouraging and willing to try different approaches until finding the approach that best suits your family and your child.”