Throughout the year there will be scheduled events and workshops regularly for both individuals, families and businesses. Check below monthly to see what is coming up!

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Throughout the year there will be scheduled events and workshops regularly for both individuals, families and businesses. Check below monthly to see what is coming up!

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August 9 2023, 10am WEBINAR

Breaking Barriers: Communication and Conquering Task Paralysis for a Thriving Workplace

Join us for this dynamic 45-minute webinar as we dive into strategies for delivering open and transparent communication, encouraging open and constructive feedback, conquering task paralysis, and unlocking the full potential of yourself and your team. Discover practical techniques to enhance dialogue, overcome inaction, and cultivate a supportive and empowering work culture where employees feel safe to express their opinions, share concerns, and contribute ideas without fear or judgement.


Key Learning Objectives:

1. Understanding Psychological Safety: Explore the concept of psychological safety and its significance in promoting open communication, trust, and collaboration.

2. The Power of Constructive Feedback: Learn how to provide feedback that inspires growth, promotes accountability, and nurtures a culture of continuous improvement.

3. Overcoming Task Paralysis: Identify the causes and consequences of task paralysis and discover techniques to break free from inaction and boost productivity.

4. Effective Communication Techniques: Develop essential communication skills for neurotypical and neurodivergent individuals. Outcomes: By the end of this webinar, participants will:

• Understand the importance of psychological safety in fostering a positive work environment.

• Acquire techniques to deliver constructive feedback that motivates growth and development.

• Learn strategies to overcome task paralysis and enhance productivity.

• Develop effective communication skills to foster understanding and build strong relationships.

• Gain insights into creating a psychologically safe work environment that encourages collaboration, risk-taking, and innovation.

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Leading on the Spectrum

Sometimes referred to as a ‘Managers Field Guide – professional development for managers of neurodiverse teams’, Leading on the Spectrum seeks to leave participants with:

  • An increased understanding of neurodiversity in the workplace, including signs of neurodivergence that may be noticeable
  • Insights, strategies and supports they can use to improve team inclusivity, performance and cohesion
  • Shifts in team culture towards embracing all forms of diversity and difference as opportunity and strength

Note: This course aligns with the APS diversity and inclusion commitment and is designed for all staff (APS and Private) with leadership responsibilities. Training presented in conjunction with Jodie Stephenson, Facilitator and Consultant.


“Working through the Family Joy Program with Patricia made a huge difference to us and our family unit. We were really struggling with our neurodiverse son and it was in turn putting pressure on our relationship and our family.

Through working with Patricia we grew to not only be able to support and understand our son better we were also able to gain confidence as advocates for him. Before working with Patricia we felt that we were “asking” too much of the school and were feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Upon completion of the program with Patricia we felt relieved almost free in a way.

We now stand firm in the belief that we are the best advocates for both our children.”