Workshops and Resources for Neurodiverse Families

Social Living Solutions offers the Family Joy Suite
– guiding families with neurodivergent members
in moving towards a joyful household

Professional Development Workshops to support corporate clients in understanding and supporting neurodiversity and neurodiverse individuals in the workplace are now offered under the Patricia Falcetta brand.
More information is available on the Patricia Falcetta Website.


Family Joy Guide E-Book

9 Step Model To More Balance and Joy With Your Family

Family JOy Program Book


Family Joy Program Resource Workbook

Think of the Family Joy program like a Lonely Planet Guide. It is your guide, your map to joy within your household. It is a guided step-by-step tour towards peace in your household. The Family Joy Program Workbook is a hard copy tool to support your journey.


Family Joy Program: Coaching Support

10 Week Program includes:

  • 10 – 12 x 1.5 Hour weekly sessions
  • All work materials needed to complete the program
  • Unlimited phone and email support for the duration of the program
  • A copy of the Family Joy Guide resource workbook (valued at $100)
  • A library of  additional resources on Neurodiversity

This program will:

Support you to identify what you want to change within your family dynamics.

Assist you in identifying the obstacles you are currently experiencing and how to overcome them.

Help you establish your own family motto and long-term vision for your family unit. We create a family joy vision board, helping you to focus on daily joy in your household.

Help you balance happiness, peace, and ultimately joy in your day-to-day lives. We will look at (S.H.A.R.E) Spirituality, Happiness, Accounts, Relationships, and Exercise.

Support you in regards to parenting style.

Examine and support your parenting to engender a more peaceful household.

Closely examine all routines within your family unit and identity where changes need to be made.

Examine your parenting routines around these factors and identify where you need support.
Explain the deposits and withdrawals concept to be able to help your children with emotional regulation and pacing of selves.

Examine your family behaviours and see where we can make changes.

Examine your family trust and support – trust of siblings of one another. Look at established patterns of behaviour and how we can change these.

Look at the language that is being used within your home between all parties. Siblings, parents, and extended family.

Provide support around the concept of a growth mindset and how to bring this into your household.

Available as Group Coaching – Up to 7 families or
as an individual family.

Prices start from $3500 per family. The program is covered by NDIS funding. There is an optional payment plan available.