Assisting special needs children to become less anxious and more focused through Mindfulness meditation practice.

Aug 15, 2017

Assisting special needs children to become less anxious and more focused through Mindfulness meditation practice.

Mindfulness meditation calms and trains the mind to stay in the moment.

This is of great benefit to our ASD, ADHD, ADD children and others who suffer from anxiety.   This is because regular practice of mindfulness meditation trains your brain to recognise random thoughts as they come into the mind. Mindfulness meditation trains the brain to view these random thoughts as if they are “clouds passing through the sky.”  This allows the mind not to become overburdened with a whole mass of thoughts at any one time but to able to filter out and only have an awareness of the thoughts that are relevant to the current moment.

This aids to prevent the individual from ruminating or getting caught up in a cycle of anxiety and anxiety provoking thoughts.

We have all heard of mindfulness, however few of us would have a true understanding of what it means and the benefits the practice can allow the individual.

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way – paying attention on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally of one’s own thoughts. Mindfulness is a meditation practice that begins with paying attention to the breath in order to focus on the here and now.  This is so that the mind is not ruminating on what might have been or what an individual is worried about what could be.  The goal is to give an individual the tools to recognise disturbing thoughts and emotions and to be able to observe them without immediately reacting to them.

Mindfulness allows the mind to create conditions for contentment.  The mind learns to focus on the present moment and observe the world and it’s thoughts in a non-judgmental way.

For our peers with special needs this is of great benefit as it provides a way of training the mind to focus and stay in the moment.  Staying in the moment prevents one’s mind from ruminating going over past and possible future events.  Therefore, providing a calmness and serenity within an individual.

Some individuals need specific help to regulate their emotions.  Teaching them mindfulness meditation helps them to regulate and understand their emotions.

The great benefit of mindfulness meditation and working with children individually is I that I can tailor what I am offering them and what will work best for them.

The first thing I teach them is an awareness of the breath. I explain to them how there is a quiet stillness within the breath and that, that stillness is always with you; even when we are sad, angry, excited, happy or frustrated.  I teach them how to feel this stillness within the breath within their bodies.  For the children, it becomes an experience where they are aware of what they are feeling.  They can then learn to observe their thoughts and feelings.

This then provides them to be able to move forward from this teaching and choose their behaviours.

Mindfulness meditation decreases anxiety and helps to improve attention.  It teaches children to be less emotionally reactive and more able to handle the daily challenges of life.

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